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Best Mobile Phone – Vivo X60


The Vivo X60 is a big name smartphone and while it doesn’t have all the features you may expect from such a high-end smartphone these days (including Qi wireless technology, an Ultra-high resolution 8.3 inch screen and solid IP-rates for water and dust protection), the X60 Pro+ manages to make up for those shortcomings with what can very well be the most impressive camera set to be seen on a smartphone. That’s not to say that the X60 is the greatest smartphone camera phone around. That honor goes to the iPhone 5s for having the most impressive camera set on a smartphone. However, the X60 is definitely a close second in this regard thanks to a number of features  vivo x60  that make using the camera on this phone easy.

First things first: wireless charging. All smartphones with wireless charging capabilities generally qualify as good smartphones (and that means it won’t even matter which one you buy). For the most part, the technology used in smartphones today is such that you shouldn’t have too many problems connecting your phone to a compatible wireless charger (if you own any at all – we’re talking about iPhone 6 or higher here). The same applies for other headphones/wireless devices. This is also a great way to go about avoiding the clutter of a lot of devices that will only end up taking up space.

Another nice thing about the Vivo X60’s video recording prowess is that it comes with some pretty advanced image stabilization technology. This technology allows the Vivo X60 to take a good video and then optimize its shaky image quality for the most enjoyable viewing experience. While the image stabilization on the Z5 Plus is far superior in terms of picture quality, the Vivo X60 can still take close ups of your face for a more personal experience. It also has the ability to edit out parts of the video where necessary for making sure everything is in the shot.

And last but not least, the Vivo X60’s rear camera setup is nothing to sneeze at. The phone has a 12.2 MP main camera with a laser autofocus system on it – one of the biggest in the industry. The dual lensed camera is pretty awesome too, with one lens able to focus on objects in the foreground and the other able to do an equally good job of taking pictures of the scenery in the background. In between shots, the rear camera setup can switch to a regular point and shoot mode.

Speaking of the camera module itself, one feature that really impressed us with the Vivo X60 was the fact that it had such a solid punch-hole selfies. The problem with smartphone cameras right now is that they’re usually either too shaky or too far away from you to be effective – which causes the whole photo to be cut off by the edges of your face. However, the front and back cameras of the Vivo X60 are so close together that you get a good view of your face even without the object in the background. This helps you to take a clear picture of your surroundings and you don’t have to worry about the quality being low. It’s easy to tell that the company put a lot of time and care into this one.

But all of this isn’t enough to make the Vivo X60 a great choice. We did, however, find a few bugs that affect some apps, such as Facebook and YouTube. Overall, though, this phone’s specs are nothing short of impressively powerful. The price isn’t too high, but it doesn’t feel cheap. At the end of the day, it’s a testament to Android 11’s ingenuity that the manufacturers are able to keep it priced within reason – and in many ways, the Vivo X60 Pro just pips the existing phones aside.

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