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Buying A Smartphone? Look For These Features!

All set to get your very first smartphone? Thanks to the new handset models launched with remarkable regularity by the different mobile manufacturers, you will have plenty of options to choose from. However, advanced smartphones are not exactly dirt-cheap, and you need to inquire about all the basic features in a model, before actually deciding to buy it. Here are some of the properties of a smartphone that you should be particularly careful about:


    1. Storage space – Over time, you would be downloading plenty of games, apps and other software programs in your phone – and the latter needs to have ample memory capacity to support them. Depending on your requirements, go for either a standard 16 GB or 32 GB handset. Preferably, pick one that offers extendable memory features. The phone you choose should also allow you to store data on the cloud network.


    1. Internet access – One of the prime reasons why anyone switches over to a smartphone is the fast and interruption-free wi-fi coverage they offer. With the web support integrated with contemporary Blackberry, Android and iPhone app development being truly cutting-edge, you should be able to connect to the wireless network in a matter of seconds. Do not opt for a handset where the mobile network would be the only option to log on to the web.


    1. Speed – There are no two ways about it – a smartphone is supposed to have really high processor speeds. Ask the store personnel whether the speed of operations of your chosen model might get affected, if you run multiple programs simultaneously on it. Smartphones that enjoy maximum popularity typically support multi-tab browsing, without any indication of slowing down whatsoever. realme 5 pro


    1. Camera – Oh yes, your old handset probably also had camera features – but in a smartphone, you can justifiably expect the lens to be of a much superior quality. Check the megapixel (MP) count of the camera in the phone you plan to buy – and take a couple of test snaps, to find out if they come out absolutely clear or not. The phone should also possess efficient video recording features.


    1. Connectivity with computer and other handheld devices – For seamless sharing of pictures, games, mobile apps and documents – a new smartphone should have high-end Bluetooth and infrared connectivity options. Ask about how you can sync the data on the mobile with that on your desktop/laptop and other handsets. If you are going for a Windows phone or an Android set, make it a point to inquire about the availability of the Near Field Communications functionality.


  1. 3G Support – Almost every mobile application development company has at least some applications that require a fast 3G connection, to function properly. Even if you would only be casually browsing on your phone and would not really be requiring 3G – there’s no harm in opting for a phone that supports the technology. Mobile service providers offer 3G plans at very competitive rates – and the day is probably not too far, when you will need 3G coverage for every phone function!
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