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Sex Toys and Demon Possession

A young man just sent me an e-mail telling me of what he has been going through since he acquired a sex doll. He’s being tormented by demon spirits. He is frustrated, lost his job, has no wife, etc. I felt his deep frustration immediately and had to counsel and pray with him on video call this Sunday morning. His using sex dolls, watching pornography opened the door for demons and sex spirits to torment and frustrate him. Maybe, we have to listen to him directly before we proceed, “I bought a sex doll… After a period of time I started having violent attacks from demonic spirits on my body… I feel torment from evil spirits in my body. It feels like a burning radiating and tormenting sensation that is attacking my body. There are spirits moving in my organs and feelings of energies and pain moving around my neck, chest, and my back. This is really bad since I came to the Lord Jesus crying to Him over masturbation and pornography addictions. I was able to stop mostly for a couple of years, but I would give in to masturbation many times… I continued to watch porn and masturbate. I never felt the presence of the Holy Spirit again… I lost my job and the torment and pain was so bad that I could not work. I never have been intimate with a woman… I have never been able to have a successful long lasting relationship. So never close to being married. Over and over again financially I have been robbed and cursed… I heard voices sometimes too. I couldn’t identify who the voice was coming from. I just praise Almighty God for the gift of life right now. People over here in the U.S are really bad about knowing what to do when it comes to helping someone with tormenting spirits in their body. They are often worried that if they tried something it could get worse. They don’t want the responsibility.” My God!

Sex toys, dolls, masturbation, pornography and immorality attract sex demons. And you already know that most of these sex spirits are very aggressive, jealous, difficult and wicked. They make sure that they frustrate, keep in chains and completely destroy their victims. Look at the string of troubles for this brother – demonic attacks, pains, torments and strange movements, loss of job, almost homeless, loss of interest and steady relationship, strange voices and deeper and dirtier hooking to masturbation and pornography, etc. Jesus Christ! No wonder, the man started his mail to me with an extract from my article Sex Toys: Good or Bad? There I pointed out that, “The bible said that those who crave for this kind of pleasure outside the will of God are dead. Walking corpses! Not all pleasurable practices are permitted.” And that is correct. Please, is the person going through all the above problems not like a walking corpse? Tell me. You cannot misuse sex and not battle with sex demons. And you cannot wrestle with those powerful filthy spirits and still have peace spiritually, emotionally and physically. They will sure wreck you. Now, imagine what millions of users of these sex dolls, toys and objects are going through every day. They struggle with these filthy invisible beings secretly. anime sex 

Everybody that masturbates, uses sex toys and dolls or prostitutes is possessed by demons. There is a spirit behind every doll and every idol. And this is why those that relate with them usually lose control of their lives. They become slaves to these spirits, finding it very difficult to resist them or stop those practices. And some even end up being rapists or committing suicide. Sex demons are some of the most powerful, wicked and versatile in the kingdom of darkness. They are very possessive and it is either they have all of you or they destroy you. They hook you to spirit wives and husbands and that explains the problems their victims experience in marriages and relationships. Like our friend here. I asked him why he is still not married. And you read his response. He has never had a steady or smooth relationship with the opposite sex. Such a young, handsome, promising man? Yes, that is the trademark of sex demons and spirit spouses. They will never allow you to have a steady, fruitful relationship. I have seen them afflict their victims with ailments, cancers, childlessness, odors, attitudes, spiritual masks and other conditions that will scare suitors away. I remember meeting a lady that each time she finds a suitor they afflict her with breast cancer just to frustrate the relationship. And when it fails, the cancer will disappear. And some they attack with insanity, dull brain, permanent, unexplainable depression, and unstableness. We must be careful of what we do with our bodies and the company we keep. You must not use or keep sex toys, dolls, objects, idols or involve in immorality. Don’t read or watch pornographic materials and don’t associate with loose persons. If you have been doing any of these, stop immediately. And if you have not, don’t ever get into it. Otherwise, you will be hooked, chained and destroyed. You can get my audiobook or book Sex Toys: Good or Evil? From Scribd or Amazon and learn more on this. I stopped our series on Stopping Generational Curses to drop these words. We are going back to it. Blessings to you!


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The Health Reform Law Provides New Career Opportunities in the Health Services Sector!

The Health Reform Law signed March 23, 2010, will increase demand in all areas of health care in America. The intent of the law was to create a virtual universal health care system in America that could accommodate all the people. Few people are able to pay cash for medical services; most of us rely on health insurance to cover our medical expenses. Prior to the signing of the Health Reform bill, health care insurance hasn’t been widely available to all Americans and this has caused many of us to put off early treatment until the ailment assumes critical proportions. When it does, we must then go to emergency rooms, with our then advanced disease. The emergency room is the most expensive type of medical care, and one of the chief reasons Americans are spending a stunning $2 trillion a year on medical services. Making health insurance accessible and affordable to all Americans is the answer to this problem.

Being insured, people will be able to seek early treatment, and preventative medicine can thus curtail the more expensive procedures that are the root cause of the uncontrolled growth of medical care cost. The law has already taken effect and the ramifications, in terms of numbers of patients, are about to descend on a health services industry that is ill prepared to handle the increased volume.

Currently, health services in the U.S. are barely able to keep up with the 150 million employer-insured and the 40 million elderly citizens receiving Medicare. By 2019, the ranks of the employer-insured are expected to increase by 9 million, and Medicare will take on another 12 million people. Exchanges, a vehicle that will provide low cost insurance to small businesses and individuals, will add an additional 25 million to the rolls. From 2010 to 2019, approximately 46 million new people will be added to the health care load. Does our current health services industry have what’s needed to accommodate this relatively sudden growth?

Most of the burden of this increase will fall on the primary care component of the health services industry. According to the Academy of Family Physicians, by 2020, the demand will far outweigh the supply of these professionals. 40,000 new primary care professionals is what the demand will require. At that time, we’ll have a situation in which nearly everyone can afford medical treatment, while yet fewer professionals are available to provide it.