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OnePlus Nord CE Smartphone With a Good Battery Life


With the release of the very popular Oxygen Plus series last year, the company went from strength to strength, establishing itself as a true global brand with cutting-edge features. It is not surprising that the new model in the series, the OnePlus Nord CE, has been met with both praise and controversy. One reviewer wrote that the phone felt solid, even when being carried down a hill! While the model has received high reviews from professional reviewers, some users have expressed their disappointment at the price, which is reported to be over two hundred dollars. OnePlus Nord CE

The main criticism revolves around the display and the sharpness of the screen, which are a point of contention for some smartphone users. For some, the smooth display of the Oxygen Plus made the phone’s worth considerably lower. The OnePlus Nord CE has a much higher refresh rate, however, which alleviates this problem somewhat. However, the display quality still leaves something to be desired, though the lack of a fast-app refresh rate means that it is unlikely to cause problems. This is also the case with many high-end smartphones, where the difference between the display and the refresh rate can be quite drastic.

The main camera on the OnePlus Nord CE is an 8.0 megapixel monochrome camera, which has previously been found on the iPhone 4S. The phone is equipped with a facial recognition system, but the accuracy of these systems varies from one model to another. Another criticism of this main camera is that it lacks optical zoom, which may be a criticism for those wanting high-quality images without zooming in. Other models have a better optical zoom option.

A main complaint against the OnePlus Nord CE has to do with the fact that it lacks sufficient storage. The phone has two SIM slots and uses a 16GB memory card, although it is not clear whether this is an actual limitation or if the card can be expanded. It is worth noting that both variants of the oneplus include a large amount of additional storage that can be used if required. The additional storage is likely to be a result of the increased RAM of the handset, as it is capable of supporting both applications and multimedia files.

One final criticism of this smartphone comes from users who are dissatisfied with the performance of the phone’s battery. The battery in the OnePlus Nord CE supports Quick Charge technology, but this charge technology is rather slow to respond. In addition to this problem, the phone’s overall battery life lasts for just over two hours. This, coupled with the low power consumption that the smartphone operates under, means that it does not last through any period of heavy use. One way around this problem is to ensure that you turn off as much background applications as possible when not in use, as this will reduce the load on the phone’s battery.

The oneplus brand is currently owned by a Chinese electronics manufacturer, which means that the future releases of the device will carry the same manufacturer’s branding. As with many devices of this nature, the oneplus can also be expected to receive updates straight from the smartphone’s manufacturer. The chipset inside the device is manufactured by a company called Spreadtrum, which has already manufactured smartphones such as the iPhone and Blackberry. The chipset is one of the most powerful in its class, meaning that the OnePlus Nord CE offers a smartphone with an excellent battery life.

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