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You Are Wasting Your Time, Unless You Have a Trading Mentor

Have you ever felt extremely frustrated in trading and felt like quitting?

You may find yourself asking “why can’t I make it as a trader”. I’ve put in hours and hours. I am still unable to be consistently profitable … why? Everyone experiences this cycle at the beginning so don’t worry it is normal and part of learning to trade.

Does this Vicious Cycle Look Familiar?

LEVEL 1 – UNCONSCIOUS INCOMPETENCE, Individual has no clue about trading and nil profitable experience.

LEVEL 2 – CONSCIOUS INCOMPETENCE, Traders start searching the internet and are overwhelmed by the information. They are constantly looking for the easy and better solution. Start trading with limited or no success. 90% of traders are at this level.

LEVEL 3 – CONSCIOUSLY COMPETENT, Trading is carried out successfully Full application and concentration is maintained.

LEVEL 4 – UNCONSCIOUSLY COMPETENT, Trading is automatic and effortless and requires no intense concentration.

Most traders are stuck between Level 1 and 2, so how do you move up to the next level and stay there?

Your poor decisions are not actually your fault a lot of the time, your mind is not programmed to handle the new psychological process. Your challenge is to program your mind to automatically respond. There is absolutely a science behind why you are struggling at the moment. 대여계좌

Now you’re asking “could it really be a physiological event occurring that’s making me trade so poorly”?

If you’ve been stuck at Level 2 on the competence ladder then the following information will resonate with you. Let us take a quick lesson in Neural Anthropology. The secret to your success is in that 15cm space. That is of course the space between your eyes, your mind.

There are four key systems in your brain that co-exist together affecting your results in life & in trading. The four systems are Associations & neural, reticular activation, psycho-cybernetic mechanism and the Amygdala. To achieve success as a trader you need to be able to control these 4 systems to properly implement your traders mindset and all 4 need to be optimally controlled for success. Trading is made up of you making decisions. This is the reticular formation part of your brain that performs this task. This is the part of your mind that responds to outside stimuli, looking at trading charts for example.

You are biologically hardwired to react instantly to things you see and your Reticulation System searches for the best response or solution. Your beliefs and or your programmed training or lack thereof determine your response. Without a plan you experience a state of panic or stress searching for a solution. Your Brain then engages the amygdala into selecting a solution, remember that an instant solution is not always the best one for traders.

What is the psycho-cybernetic mechanism?

In charge to keep you in your comfort zone no matter how badly you want to change. It picks up any deviation then sends feedback to your nervous system trying to correct the deviation to bring you back to your comfort Zone.

What is the Amygdala?

“The human brain has adapted over many centuries by providing processes that improve the survival of the individual and the species. A part of our brain, the amygdala, acts as our protective filter, it has the ability to remember painful experiences and it will attach emotions to those experiences. It makes judgments about likes and dislikes and passes its prejudices to the outer part of the brain.” (Richard W Friesen)



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